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Big Bite Pizza delivers!

Food Delivery in Alexandria
Cramming everything into an hour’s worth of lunch break? Almost all office personnel and employees complain about the same thing. There just isn’t enough time, is there? 

Having to go up or down to the company cafeteria or canteen, waiting in long lines, looking for a table to sit and eat at – these things make up the usual scenario for any regular guy’s lunch break. Not to mention the probably stale and repetitive items on the menu, this kind of eating habit can be weary and boring for a lot of employees.

This should totally not be the case. Every hardworking employee deserves every single minute of his break time to relax and enjoy his food, and we have made this our mission. Because of this, we offer the best food delivery in Alexandria, Annandale, and Burke, Virginia. With the largest delivery menu in Northern Virginia, employees will never have to become bored with what they’re having for lunch every work day and can save their precious break time. 

A phone call is all that’s needed to order ahead of time so that their food can arrive right on their lunch break time.

Whether an employee is ordering for himself, or the whole floor or department is chipping in for a feast, Big Bite Pizza offers the best deals for solo meals or combo packages which are both affordable and delicious. Aside from their regular offerings, we are now offering its current specials for food delivery which are perfect for group or team orders. 

Without question, these are the best deals and freshest taste available in all of Northern Virginia. Employees can check out the online delivery menu for a complete list of food items, updates, and new specials posted regularly.

For solo orders, it is almost impossible to get bored with more than 20 varieties available in the pizza category alone. Customers can even create their own pizza and choose their own ingredients and toppings. 

You can also choose from our salads, subs, burgers, wraps, pitas, calzones, pastas, and Mexican food items. Whatever kind of appetite and craving you are having, we have the food for you. Of course, appetizers, desserts, and drinks are also available for delivery. With all of these being said, it is no doubt that Big Bite Pizza offers the largest delivery menu in all of Northern Virginia.

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Big Bite Pizza offers one of the largest delivery menus in Annandale, Alexandria, and Burke, Virginia. We deliver: Pizza, Wings, Subs, Salads, Pastas, Appetizers, Mexican food, Desserts, and Drinks.