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How It All Started: The History Of Pizza Making

Pizza is certainly one of the most popular dishes all around the world. Yet, very few people actually know the history of pizza and what were the first ingredients used to create it. Although the term of “pizza” dates thousands of years back, this dish as we know it today was prepared for the first time in the 16th century in the city of Naples, Italy. Initially, it was considered the food of the poor and it did not have a fixed recipe until the 17th century. Basically, it was nothing more than flatbread covered in tomato sauce.

The initial recipe changed several times throughout the following years, and ingredients such as olive oil were slowly added to enhance the taste of pizza. However, this dish continuously improved until the 19th century, when the well-known Margherita Pizza was prepared for the first time, to honor the Queen of Italy. This was the most sophisticated dish of its kind at that time. Although it is nothing compared to the pizza we know today (since it only contained basil, tomato sauce and tasty mozzarella), it was a very important improvement for this dish at that time.

It is known that since ancient times people tried different ingredients in order to enhance the taste of bread and that could be regarded as “ancient pizza”. This dish has slowly but surely evolved throughout the century, and if you think about it for a second, the evolution is fantastic: at first, it was nothing but flatbread that was the main food for the poor, and today it contains tens of ingredients and it is served in the world’s finest restaurants.

This dish slowly became more diverse over time: at the beginning, the tomato sauce was the only topping. Nowadays, there are countless varieties of pizza, from Quattro Stagioni to Margherita. The serving method also changed: initially, it was sold in open air.

Italy is very famous for this dish and everybody knows it. As a matter of fact, in Naples you can find plenty restaurants that offer traditional pizza just as it was in the 19th century. Therefore, if you go to Italy and you want to taste the traditional pizza, Naples is certainly the place for you! It must be mentioned that the first restaurant which only served pizza was open almost two centuries ago, back in 1830. Actually, that pizzeria still stands today and it is committed to serving the best pizza in town!

Pizza was even mentioned in the work of famous writers such as Alexandre Dumas in the 19th century. However, the dish he described in his work was quite sophisticated, since besides the classic tomato juice it also included cheese and even anchovies.

In conclusion, pizza is one of the tastiest dishes and this is what made is to popular among both adults and children. There are plenty pizza varieties available, and whether you like vegetarian pizza or perhaps the one with fruits, you now know how it all started. Naples was the starting point for this dish that is now famous worldwide.

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