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Introducing Big Bite Pizza’s Whole Wheat Wraps



Introducing Big Bite Pizza’s Whole Wheat Wraps

One of the most frequent requests from us has been to provide a whole wheat wrap option on our menu.

We tested so many different whole wheat wraps over the last few years and they all tasted like card board.

We recently chose a local authentic mexican bakery as our wraps supplier. They just came out with a new line of whole wheat wraps that is just outstanding. It tastes great and is very much like eating a regular wrap bread.

When you order any of our wrap sandwiches on our online ordering system, simply click on “whole wheat bread” to choose it.

Try it and let us know what you think.

Introducing Big Bite Pizza’s New Wing Flavors:

  Introducing Big Bite Pizza’s New Wing Flavors:   Old Bay:  World Famous blend of 18 spices. Goes great with Beer! If you like crispy wings you will love our Old Bay wings!   Teriyaki: A sweet yet tasty wing flavor. Perfect for adults and kids who don’t like spicy wings.

Email Marketing Coupon: $7 Medium 1 topping pizza with the purchase of 16 Wings

If you subscribed to our Email Marketing program, then you should have received a special code for a $7 medium 1 topping pizza when you purchase 16 or our famous mouth watering wings. This coupon expires on 12/6/2012 and is valid only with the special code provided in the email. Please join our Email MarketingContinue Reading

Introducing Big Bite Catering

Just in time for the holiday season, we are happy to announce the introduction of Big Bite Pizza Catering. We are offering a complete catering menu at VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES. Call us today at  (703) 249-9945  and give us a chance to bid on your next catering occasion. Featuring: * Appetizers * Our Famous Buffalo Wings * Pizzas fromContinue Reading

Big Bite Pizza delivers!

Cramming everything into an hour’s worth of lunch break? Almost all office personnel and employees complain about the same thing. There just isn’t enough time, is there?  Having to go up or down to the company cafeteria or canteen, waiting in long lines, looking for a table to sit and eat at – these things makeContinue Reading

Pizza Tourist Locations in America: One Road Trip You’ll Always Remember

For centuries, pizza has held an esteemed place in cuisine all around the world. Appearing as a simple layered bread, tomato, and cheese dish, pizza is so much more than that. It’s a way to bring the world together. Rising to fame in Italy in the sixteenth century, the first “pizzas” were more similar toContinue Reading

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Pizza is one of the most popular foods consumed by Americans.  It is incredibly delicious and can be made with just abut any topping to appeal to the taste buds of everyone.  In fact, approximately 94% of Americans consume pizza on a regular basis with 93% having consumed the irresistible pie last month.   EvenContinue Reading

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New Menu Ideas May 2012

We are going to print a new batch of our menus. We are considering one change and one addition: 1) Change the soda containers from 12 oz cans to 20 oz bottles. 2) Add a Whole Wheat Wrap option to the Wrap section. Let us know if you like to see any specific additions orContinue Reading

New Website

We are very excited to launch our new website today. It should be easier to navigate and a lot faster than our old website. We welcome any comments or suggestions you might have to make it even better.

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